Color Trend and Decoration Trend of Home Design Ideas 2020

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New year is coming. Since it is the beginning of the year, you need to have a new resolution for your life in 2020. Have you made your resolution in 2020 ? If you have worked, perhaps one of your resolution in 2020 is having your own house. If you want to build a house in 2020 , you need to prepare the concept of your house, what type of house that you will choose. Then, you should choose the design for your house. You should know the home design ideas 2020 to make up date with the home design trend in 2020 .

Color Trend of Home Design Ideas 2020

Since it is a new year, you need to know the color trend for your home design. Basically, there are 3 choices of color palette, such as composed, confident, and comfortable. Each of the color type represents the personality. The confident palette has some colors, such as lime green and red. The composed palette has 2 colors, such as taupes and green. The last, the comfortable palette, the dominant colors are pastels, such as soft blue, pink, and yellow. You can also combine some colors for your house, such as blue-green, taupe-green, etc. There are also some specific colors that you can use for your house, such as dusky blue, sunshine yellow, powdery blue, mineral gray, dusted yellow, and pastel pink. You can choose the most favorite color. You can also have different color for each room.

Decoration Trend of Home Design Ideas 2020

When you want to choose the design for your house, you need also to think about the furniture and decoration for your house. In 2020 , there is a new trend for the home decoration. The first trend is the marble wallpaper design. This wallpaper can make your wall unique. Second, the indoor plants. Actually, this trend has been popular since many years ago. However, this year the trend of indoor plant can be used to make your house beautiful. You can choose your favorite plant to decorate your house. Third, the navy blue home interior. For you who want to make your house fresh, you can try to have the navy blue home interior.

Since it is the beginning of 2020 , you can make your resolution comes true. If one of your resolution is having a new house, you can read the home design ideas 2020 so that you will have beautiful design for your house.

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