How to Make Scandinavian Home Design Ideas

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Have you ever seen an animation movie from Disney entitled Frozen? From the movie which is set in the Norway, you may be amazed with the design of house. Since Norway is close to the Arctic, it is mostly cold there. The thing that people may remember about the Norway is the snow. Most of the house there have unique design because they often have snow storm. The design of the furniture is also unique. Do you want to make your home design like a Norway home? If you really want to make the atmosphere in your house like in the Norway, you can read the tips to make scandinavian home design ideas.

What is Scandinavian Home Design Ideas?

For you who have watched the Frozen movie, you may be familiar with the scandinavian home design ideas. Basically, this kind od home design is adapted from the house in the Norway. When people mention Norway, they will think about snow. So, everything is related to the winter and snow. Basically, if you apply  the scandinavian home design for your house, you just need simple furnitures and some decorations.

How to Make Scandinavian Home Design Ideas?

If you want to start making your scandinavian home design, you should know that basically the dominant colour is white. However, you can also add some of your favorite colour. You do not need to rearrange all of your house. You just need to redesign your furniture and decorations so that they will suit with the scandinavian home design concept. Here are some decorations that you can add in your house to build the scandinavian design atmosphere.

  1. Globe Lights

If you are boring with the design of your lamp in certain room, you can use your creativity to make it become more beautiful. You can make a globe lights. You just need to find the metal and you can shape it into the form of globe. Then, you can put the lamp inside the metal globe. You can also decorate the globe so that it becomes more beautiful.

  1. Use the blue color

The color which represents the scandinavian style is blue. You can combine blue with white and black in the use of some furnitures.

  1. Plant Cacti

If you want to use plant as scandinavian indoor decoration, you can use cacti.

Making your house become beautiful and looks like a house in the Norway is not difficult. You just need to follow the step to make scandinavian home design house.

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